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You Are Energy

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You Are Energy

Your energy field is not only with you all the time; it is a permanent part of you. It is as much a part of you as your skin. As long as you live, your field is your connection with our Universal Intelligence. Through our clinical experience and research, we have learned that the ill health of many patients is likely connected to interference in the patient’s energy fields. Indeed, you could say that we are energy beings experiencing a physical existence.

And, you might go so far as to say that health hinges on energy mingling freely through body and field. When interference of any kind impedes the natural flow of energy, you might experience discomfort or agitation of some sort.

With the growing amount of manufactured electrical devices and systems of our high-tech society, external interference will likely affect our energetic fields. However, external interference is only one source of interference. Internal interference, brought on by physical, emotional, and nutritional stress, can impact the health and vitality of your field. Individually, you may not control external conditions, but you can control your choices, or what we refer to as the “Six Essentials,” to reduce the amount of field interference that originates internally.

  • What you eat
  • What you drink
  • How you exercise
  • How you rest
  • What and how you breathe
  • And what you think

We are all energy beings. You are energy; you consume energy; you radiate energy and live in a universally connected energetic environment. And health is energy sensitive, too, making it vital to remember that when transmission of information in or between our interconnected energetic fields (in our bodies or environment) is interfered with, your health (the way your body functions) may be affected.

The choices you make from within the “Six Essentials” can help promote your energy levels. You can now see that there’s certainly more to your energy levels than just how energetic you feel! Want to learn more about the “Six Essentials” and the choices you can make to improve your health, happiness, and success?