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You Attract Your Relationships

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You Attract Your Relationships

Your energy field is directly in control of your health and your relationships. As you live your daily life, you influence your field by the way you respond to the stresses you face. If you respond with anger, hate or frustration, you will create an energy in your field that will attract relationships which will make you angry, hateful or frustrated. When you feel these emotions, recall this old adage – he who gets upset is the one who has the problem. Realize your relationships may represent a part of you needing to be changed.

As adults, our family is often based on the way we were raised as children. Feelings from our past experiences manifest in our present life. We tend to act and react the same way our parents did. You may be thinking that you don’t like the way your parents acted and you don’t’ want to be the way they were or are. How can you change your life so you do not respond in the manner your parents did?

First, change the feelings you put into your field. One issue of major importance here is judgment. You must overcome the urge to place judgment on your parents, boss, husband, wife, children, or other significant individuals in your life. This is not to say you can forget the way these people treated you in the past or how they may treat you today. However, you must not judge them for their actions. You can’t change the past or the way anyone else acts. You are only responsible for your own actions and reactions.

What you can do is observe the actions of others. Don’t judge, but rather observe and learn. Make a decision on how you will live your life according to the observations you have made. Instead of judging and thinking, “My dad did it all wrong as a father,” think this: “As a result of growing up with my father, I am going to be a more loving, caring, thoughtful father.” You can turn it around to your benefit. Let your experiences be your teachers and benefit from the lessons each experience offers. Live your life today in a way that will insure your future is as happy and harmonious as you want it to be.