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You Can’t Barter with God

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You Can’t Barter with God

“Everything was created by God (or whatever nomenclature you prefer to use). God’s master program runs the universe. All that He has created is perfect. Man has the ability to desecrate his human temple, his body, to such an extent that he lowers the vitality of his body, which allows germs to penetrate and permeate his physical body. When this happens, we often call the germs “bad germs.” In reality, they are not bad at all; they are perfect. It’s just that maybe they should be in the garden making carrots instead of in your lungs making tuberculosis or pneumonia. It is not the fault of the germ that your resistance is so low that it can grow there. In fact, tuberculosis or pneumonia is a perfect response to the condition you have created in your body. In this case, what you need to do is determine what you did to allow this condition to occur – what choices you made in the Six Essentials – not what you need to do to kill the bad germ.

Nothing you do affects God. Yet, everything you do affects God’s performance within you. 

Your choices in the Six Essentials for Life – what you eat and drink, how you exercise and rest, what you breathe and think – determine your level of health. These are conscious choices on your part and the responses to these choices are automatic. God/the spirit/nature reacts instantly to every choice you make. This natural force of energy responds for your survival. 

You act, nature responds. All in the name of survival.

There is only one response to any given action. 

That response will always be the same for that specific situation. You are not in control of these responses, nor do you affect God/nature/the spirit. 

Yet, the effect God’s power can have on you is profound. All you have to do is acknowledge the power, believe in the power, and know, without a shadow of doubt, that this power is within you all the time. Then your life will change in such a way that you will live in a higher level of awareness. 

You will not feel the need to defend your way of life. You will be enveloped in a sense of peace that epitomizes a grander enlightenment. 

You will find within you a safe place or sanctuary that you can go to in order to reconnect with the spirit and you will know and trust the ultimate energy source to such a degree that you will no longer question or doubt any part of this wisdom. When you reach this level of consciousness, you will have arrived at a place of freedom. Your thoughts will be those of thankfulness and your response to life will be “It’s OK.” 

You will lose the desire to judge others. Your spiritual development will have transcended the physical realm and reached the summit of godliness.

While this may sound lofty and surreal, it is actually very real. It is a state of being that surpasses this physical world, a state of existence that knows that this drama we call our life lasts for only a second in the great play of eternity. This higher level of consciousness is available to each and every one of you. 

For centuries now, great philosophers, authors, and teachers have espoused on this subject. Today there are many books available to aid you in this quest. Among the finest I have read is Wayne Dyer’s Manifest Your Destiny.”

This is an excerpt from Dr. M. T. Morter’s book, The Soul Purpose – Choosing the Path to Health, Happiness & Success, which is now available as an audiobook. Click here to purchase!