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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude!

handshake of people at business conference

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude!

Dr. Ted here! I was headed to the restroom at a local diner, when I saw Larry, a guy I remembered from high school, seated in the back wearing a rumpled t-shirt and dirty jeans. He hadn’t shaved in, well, days? I politely nodded a greeting and proceeded on to my business. On the return journey to my table, I decided to stop and speak to him.

And, the valuable lesson I learned by doing that was to always be thankful for the great blessings I have and all that life has taught me. For in the next few minutes, I heard how he: hadn’t had a job in over a year, had been black-listed from driving trucks, hadn’t built a house in years, couldn’t get unemployment anymore, and basically just “couldn’t get a break.”

I felt bad for the guy. But, it also made me wonder just how much his attitude was affecting his current situation – the idea that your attitude determines your altitude. Ed Foreman taught me that valuable lesson, and in my life, I have found what Ed teaches to be so very true. So, I couldn’t help but wonder how Larry’s situation might change if he’d pick himself up and get out of his own way. Would he recognize the opportunity for what it was, or just see more obstacles? Would the “man” always hold him back? Is someone “out there” really the challenge? What if he saw things that happened to him as really happening for him? What if, when asked how he was, he didn’t rehash all the bad things over and over and instead answered, “Terrific!”

It’s a challenge to change your vibration. I like how my good friend, Kevin, taught this concept years ago. His challenge to “students” was to “Feel good now!” or at the very least, feel better now. To do that means you let go of these old, bad stories and change some beliefs. It seems so simple, but obviously, it’s not so easy to put into action if you are caught up in the victim mentality – the victim’s beliefs. And, it’s easy to slip back there, too, when things are going well, but then a couple of challenges are thrown your way.

I think encounters with people are your lessons and reminders. They often help you see things you don’t want, so you can more clearly define what you do want.