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Morter Paris Seminars

B.E.S.T. Seminars – Paris/Roissy
Paris / Roissy October 6-7, 2017 B.E.S.T. Training and Elite Diplomate Programs
October 6-7, 2017 B.E.S.T. Elite Diplomate

Instructor: Dr. Tom Morter

In this multi-day seminar, you will learn the latest technology of Personal Power Pose, Family, Physical and Emotional B.E.S.T.

B.E.S.T. is much more than a technique; it’s a lifestyle shift in your personal pattern. And, by shifting your mental clarity and systematically altering brain neuro-plasticity, ultimate healing will be achieved.

B.E.S.T. has given a lifetime focus to the most advanced research in the fields of Neurosciences, Quantum Physics and Epigenetics, and after over 40 years of scientific and clinical research, Dr. Ted and Dr. Tom are spearheading a drive to establish Morter HealthSystem as a leader of 21st century Body/Mind healing arts – bringing a new scientific understanding and correction of the physical and emotional health components.

Natural healing, with Chiropractic in the forefront, is steadily evolving toward a functional and holistic viewpoint. By learning B.E.S.T, you will take an important step in that direction.

Join us in Paris and add this powerful procedure to your technique. Learn to re-establish your patients’ full and natural healing potential by balancing their body’s entire systems, resulting in “neurological re-timing”. After this seminar, you will be able to remove interferences that distract the attention of your patients’ innate healing power and cause imbalances in their autonomic nervous system, ultimately leading to disease.

The Physical B.E.S.T. adjustment, allows you to update your patients’ physiologic functions to present time instead of past survival memory as they were before. You will learn how to stabilize the parasympathetic, the sympathetic and enteric nervous systems, resulting in total body balance with lasting updated muscle memory patterns.

B.E.S.T. restores proper present-time communication from the cerebellum to the affected muscle-spindle/Golgi tendon, bringing balanced spinal muscle tone. By balancing the intrinsic spinal muscles, you eliminate defense physiology and allow vertebral subluxations to release naturally and with virtually no force.

The Emotional B.E.S.T. adjustment, which is “the core of B.E.S.T.,” gives special attention to the power of the mind and thinking process. It is used to directly identify and remove subconscious emotional interference stored in the high brain and cellular memory. This allows the body to function on current updated need rather than from memory of past survival experiences. Now, being in resonance with the life energy field, true healing can occur.

The new 2017 B.E.S.T. training offers the first days to begin the process of understanding the basics of B.E.S.T.; the remaining days are focused on Advanced Diplomate/Master Training. Take advantage of this complete training and take your level of health and wellness, coupled with the ability to “Engineer the Quantum” to an even higher level of expertise. For more information on Elite Diplomate and Elite Master training please email mel@morter.com.

For more information or to register for 2017 B.E.S.T. Paris / Roissy Training class please contact Didier Jouffrieau, D.C. Email: best2017paris@gmail.com

And, join the us on October 8- for Engineering the Quantum. For more information on ETQ, click the following link:

To register for this program, email mel@morter.com