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pH Testing Procedures

We lead very stressful lives. We have stress from all the things happening around us each day as well as stress from our diets. pH testing gives you information as to the cause of some of your symptoms, and just how your body is handling the stress you are throwing at it! Here’s how to do two simple preliminary pH tests:

Using a pH Test Kit, check the pH of your first morning urine and record it for three days in a row. Based on the directions in the pH Your Potential for Health booklet included in your kit, these results reflect your body’s ability to process your daily protein intake. This is possibly the single most important test you can do to check overall potential for health!

With the same pH Test Kit, use another strip of pH paper to check the pH of your saliva. Push some saliva forward in your mouth with your tongue and dip the test strip directly into the fluid. Record the results. Place a bit of lemon juice in your mouth. Swallow four times and re-test your saliva. Record the results. Using the pH Your Potential for Health booklet as your guide, your results directly reflect your ability to handle the stress of your day-to-day activity.

Want to learn more about how all of this works along with your diet and your choices in five other vital areas? We suggest you read An Apple A Day – Is It Enough Today? by Dr. M.T. Morter.