Animal B.E.S.T. Mastermind

We have assumed responsibility for the health of our animals because we have removed them from their former natural environments, confined them, and changed their genetics to better serve our purposes.  We have consciously brought our animals along as fellow travelers in our lives and, as a result, their problems mirror ours.  The foods we provide them have become more and more removed from what nature provided them, and their health has suffered as ours has.

So, just as the Morter HealthSystem is helping improve the health of mankind worldwide, so is Animal B.E.S.T. doing the same for our beloved animals.  On your journey to excellence in this powerful technology of Animal B.E.S.T., please enjoy this supplemental Animal B.E.S.T. Mastermind program, giving you more information to help you improve the lives of the animals around you.

Course Price: $199.00

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