B.E.S.T. Living Program Homestudy Course


Now, you have the opportunity to learn and benefit directly from the tireless research of Morter HealthSystem.  This entire program was meticulously researched and recorded by Morter HealthSystem President and CEO, Dr. Ted Morter, III.

Dr. Ted is an international speaker, B.E.S.T. Master Instructor, trainer, author, researcher, and Doctor of Chiropractic, developing and directing world-wide wellness training and treatment programs.

Dr. Ted truly takes a no-nonsense approach to training by incorporating accelerated learning technologies that ensure participants learn at optimum, retain at maximum, and are able to apply immediately, the knowledge to ensure their peak performance – immediate change and lasting results!

Dr. Ted is considered to be one of the most exciting speakers on the subject of health, wellness, and personal development. He has worked closely and shared the stage with some of the top authors and speakers today including Dr. Barbara DeAngelis, Jack Canfield, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. James Oschman, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, Dr.. Bob Hoffman, T Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, and many more!

Hundreds of thousands of participants have had their lives transformed through his programs.

This B.E.S.T. Living program contains 9 full-length CDs, a DVD and a complete home study workbook. More importantly, however, it contains the keys to a healthier, happier, more successful life for you and your family.

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