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Physical B.E.S.T. Homestudy Course


The Physical B.E.S.T. Program empowers you with an advanced healing technology, Morter Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique.

The Physical B.E.S.T. procedure is based on scientific principles utilizing pressure points to effectively allow the body to update physiological function based on current need rather than past experience.

This physical procedure, or method, is both painless and effective. It’s administered in the prone position, and utilizes the Physical Leg Check, palpating the spinal muscles, while lightly holding pressure points along the spine and abdomen. The body’s own muscles that do the work.

When muscles are effectively balanced, bones may be repositioned naturally and with virtually no force.  By taking this approach, updated cerebellar messages communicate with the affected muscle-spindle/Golgi tendon to balance muscle tone.

Total body balance with lasting updated muscle memory patterns is possible with Physical B.E.S.T.. This procedure provides you with a scientifically proven system to balance and stabilize the autonomic nervous system, including the sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric branches.

This program contains 3 DVDs, 2 informational CDs and a full-color, illustrated workbook

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