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The New Take My Body Back 45-Day Challenge

This is the year you take your body back and win some great PRIZES!

Since we began the first Alka-Slim Challenge, dozens of you have contacted me after seeing my health and body change (I’m down 40 pounds so far) asking if you could get in on the challenge. Well, here is your chance. Here is the path to take back your body just like I and many others have done so far. This is real and this can work for you. Check out what happened to me and to Janna too!



Join us for the next Alka·Slim challenge. I’m going to offer you the same opportunity I offered people who started with me in January, 2016. You’ll get the great pricing on the challenge pack and I’ll let you into the private Facebook group (you’ll be blown away by all the information that has been compiled in that group, recipes, success tips, and life changes).

If you are as serious about changing your life, your health, your relationship with food as you’ve said, this is your chance to take control. You can scroll to the bottom of the page and order now. If you are interested you can also read about how the challenge got started below.

Dr. Tom had a very difficult conversation with me about my health in November, 2015 and I decided I needed to make some very important changes that started with my weight. Dr. Tom took his own advice and committed to the challenge too. (He released 20 pounds!!)

Heck, most of us feel like we need to take control of our weight and health this time of the year. But, we usually fail at staying the course before we reach our goal. I choose not to do that again…ever.

I decided that I want to do something different in 2016, not just for me, but for you too! I committed to take my body back and I invite you to go on this adventure as well. I am getting to the body I know is inside of me, the one that is ok. I choose to have a body that supports my lifestyle, my business and my dreams. And, this is working!!!!!

Look what happened when Don took his body back!



Would you like to learn more and take back your body too?

If yes, then please join me and read on.

Here is the thing, I’m also like most of you still reading this, I start hard and finish…Well, I sometimes don’t finish.

The biggest reason is for most of my life and concerning my weight, I lacked REAL motivation and I lacked REAL accountability.

It is one thing to tell my friends and family I’m going to finally do this. It is one thing to say “It’s January 1st, time to get started” and then start. It is a whole other thing to stick past that magical first month. Here are the statistics for you:

The Top Five New Years Resolutions:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Get Organized
  3. Spend Less, Save More
  4. Enjoy Life To The Fullest
  5. Get Fit and Healthy

Here’s how that works out for the majority of people:

  • Resolution maintained for one week 75%
  • Past two weeks 71%
  • Past one month 64%
  • Past six months 46%

That means after only seven days 25% of you (and I’m in that group) have given up or mostly given up on their most important goal for the year! That’s a little hard to think about, but worse, 36% of us can’t even last a month and less than half can last six months.

I was tired of being one of those statistics; I want to be in a different group. Here’s what I’m doing that works very well for me and for many others.

I created REAL and PUBLIC accountability and I invite you to not only join me if you want to lose weight but I ask you to HOLD ME accountable as well.

I promise, I’ll do the same for you.

To that end, I’m creating a challenge for all of us to get past that critical one-month mark and to set us up for success. Here’s how I’m doing that:

  1. I’m going to use Alka-Slim and I encourage you to use it as well for 45 days. To make it attainable for everyone, I’m putting it on sale. You’ll see the pricing at the bottom of this page.
  2. This is one of the most important keys to our success. I’m creating a private Facebook group so we can check in daily and hold each other accountable.
  3. I’m giving away prizes to help keep us motivated along the way.
  4. I’m going to celebrate our success publicly the rest of the year.

From Alka·Slim Challenge member Marlen Boivin:

“Can’t believe today was the final weigh in day…45 days flew by! This was the easiest 8 lbs. I’ve reduced ever, increased energy without the spikes, and averaging 1.33/week reduction vs. .75/week of other times that I kept track while on track. I look forward to the next 45 ASC …..”

At first I was scared…had no idea why this worked so well.

Could I do this? Would it work this time? Ok, so the picture is a funny scared but the real fear is deep within each of us…right? For me, like many others, the secret to stop being scared and to take back our bodies……is being accountable.

And, once I learned the secret to accountability, my life changed for the better. Yes, I took back my body because of this secret. It’s about the Facebook private members only page. At first I fought it tooth and nail, but when I experienced the love and support and when I gave coaching and support, my life shifted for the better. I found out that each of us have similar wants, needs, fears, and doubt as to how we are doing on this journey. And, when we are accountable, when we share the responsibility to thrive with others, we all win! And, speaking of winning……

Remember The Prizes? Here They Are!

There are two ways to win:

  • For every 10 pounds lost, you will receive a $10 product credit.
  • We offer mini-challenges throughout the challenge with different prizes.

Rules of the Contest

I’m keeping this simple because I want to stack the odds in our favor.

The contest begins when you receive your kit!

Write this down:

  • To get your special pricing click here
  • To be eligible to win* you must do the following.
    • Because this is the Alka-Slim challenge, you must use Alka-Slim. You can get the super discounted rate here but it is only good during the challenge.
    • Provide two pictures. A full body before and after picture. A picture of your feet on the scale so we can read the weight. (We won’t make this picture public; it is only for us to use in determining winners). A full body picture of you so that we can see what you look like before.
    • You must send AFTER pictures for each 10 pounds lost. Feet on scale and full body.
    • You must participate in the private Facebook Group daily by posting how many pounds you’ve lost and by sharing a little of your experience. What you are feeling, what your challenges were and what your successes were. If you don’t participate daily, you won’t be eligible to win. This is the accountability most of us are missing. Be sure to include what exercise you did and how many steps you took each day (you can use a Fitbit or other health tracker or an app on your phone) I’ll be posting daily as well.
    • You MUST send a weekly picture to us with your feet on the scale showing your weight. This is the second step of accountability.
    • Winners will be determined from information provided to Morter Health following the guidelines above.

*Disclaimers: This contest is void where prohibited by law, members may buy at the autoship level for themselves and family, wholesalers or people who are reselling may not purchase this program for resale at the discounted price. This contest and prizes have no cash value. Winners are responsible for any tax consequences incurred as a result of winning. Consult with your physician or health care provider before starting any new exercise, nutrition or supplementation program. Morter reserves the right to change prizes if necessary and has final say in choosing the winner.

Of course you already know exercise can help increase your health, longevity and results. We strongly recommend using the Fitbit and logging your exercise. If you don’t have a Fitbit there are phone apps etc., or you can go get a simple pedometer at any sporting goods store. Be sure to log your daily steps in your daily Facebook update.

Alka·Slim Special Pricing

This pricing is available to everyone (except wholesalers or anyone buying for resale) whether you participate in the challenge or not during the sale period.

  • 45 Day Supply of Alka Slim (3 bottles)
  • Trace Minerals (1 bottle)
  • Alka Cleanse (2 bottles)
  • Alka Green (1 bottle)
  • Quick Start Guide – Morter Program Booklet
  • pH Paper

Full retail price is $268.00 for this package, that is a savings of $129.00 if you join the challenge today!

Since this contest goes for 45 days, you’ll be signing up for autoship of month two which is $85.00 and includes:

  • Alka Slim (2 bottles)
  • Trace Minerals (1 bottle)
  • Alka Green (1 bottle)

You can cancel autoship at any time once you’ve lost all the weight you want. You must sign up on autoship to lock in this exclusive price once the sale is over. Your autoship price will be locked in until the end of the year or until you cancel the autoship, whichever comes first.

I’ll be posting a lot in the Facebook Group and sending you private emails along the way with information that will help you achieve your goal along with me. I’m completely committing to your success and my own.

I’m Committed, I’m all the way in!


Are you in?

Choose your package right now, get it shipped out so you are ready to go and let’s play full on, together. I need you as much as you need me this time. Let’s be in that group of 46% of the people who achieve their goal and stick with it more than six months.

Let’s take back our bodies together; you can count on me every bit as much as I’m counting on you.


To our success!

Dr. Ted