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The Morter Nutrition Program

Alkaline By Design; Acid By Function®

Cells normally live in an alkaline environment and produce acid as a by-product of metabolic function. Most of this natural, organic acid is easily eliminated by the lungs, while the nutrients (ash) are assimilated. However, the acid produced by some foods must be eliminated by the kidneys. The process of neutralizing the acid depletes the alkaline reserve.

As foods are digested, they create a residue called ash, which is alkaline, neutral or acid. Fruits and vegetables produce a healthy alkaline ash, but other foods – meats, grains, eggs and dairy products – leave a debilitating acid ash. Over consumption of these foods results in too much acid, and the body is unable to eliminate the excess acid normally. Over time, this can make the body toxic, and lead to the disease process.

The Protein Paradox

You need protein to live. Your cells are made up mainly of water and protein – about 70 to 80 percent water and 10 to 20 percent protein. Protein is necessary for the function and repair of cells. Protein is an essential ingredient in your body and for your body. We get protein from the food we eat. Most of us equate meat, eggs, and dairy products with protein. However, just about every food you eat contains some protein. Carrots, bread, apples, broccoli, and even watermelon contain small amounts of protein.

Years ago, scientists decided to determine how much protein we need to stay healthy. So they found out what a group of healthy young men ate, calculated how much protein they were getting, and set that as the amount needed. Sounds logical. The young men were healthy, so the way they were eating must lead to health. From those calculations we were told that an adult male needed to eat over 100 grams of protein each day to stay healthy. As time went on, research became more intricate. In 1968, the experts determined that we didn’t need all that protein. The recommended daily amount was reduced to 65 grams for men between the ages of 22 and 35, and 55 grams for women in the same age group. Then, in 1981, the recommended amount was again reduced to 56 grams for men and 44-46 grams for women. The clinical experience behind the concepts of Morter HealthSystem is conclusive that bodies will function at their best on about 25-40 grams of protein a day. That’s much less than most of us are accustomed to eating.

Nearly everything you eat contains protein. If you eat a variety of foods that contain the calories your body needs to continue to function, you are getting protein. On the other hand, if you eat meat, eggs, or dairy products two or three times a day, you are getting more protein than your body can handle efficiently . . . more protein than you need for long-term health. You can get enough protein by eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Most Americans prefer to include high-protein meat and dairy products in their diet occasionally. But, if you follow a diet that includes a plentiful supply of a variety of fruits and vegetables you will get enough protein. A crucial thought here is “a variety of fruits and vegetables.” A diet of nothing but turnips, or grapes, or lettuce would probably sustain you for a while, but you wouldn’t be providing your body with either as much protein as it needs or with the other vitamins and minerals it needs to go along with the protein.

Man was designed to live on plant food. How do we know that? The evidence speaks for itself. Our teeth are one indication of this. They are flat, like those of other vegetable-eating animals. We don’t have sharp, pointed teeth needed to kill fleeing prey and to tear flesh. Our food source sits sedately in one place just waiting for us to come pick it. Another indicator of our plant-eating design is our saliva. The saliva of humans is relatively alkaline – quite suitable for beginning the process of digesting vegetables. Our saliva isn’t acidic like that of dogs and other meat-eaters. We all know that man CAN digest and process meat. We do it all the time. However, meat should not be man’s primary food. Because, when your body must process a lot of protein, it loses vital organic sodium needed to carry out other functions. The end result of this loss can be disease – or even death.

And this is just the beginning of how what you fuel your body with affects your health, happiness, and even your success! For more information on the complete Morter Nutrition Program, we recommend Dr. Morter’s book, An Apple A Day – Is It Enough Today?