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Thrival Challenge to Thrive

Join this Challenge to Thrive program to enjoy your best holiday season ever, AND get yourself ready for your BEST YEAR EVER!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble…Not!

We’ve developed a plan for you to begin the process of thriving in a situation, in which it almost seems impossible to do anything but just survive! As this holiday season approaches with the stress, parties, traditions, and all those yummy temptations we are emotionally drawn to, we will certainly need help to not gain weight again! Granted, this isn’t the best time to go on a diet or to try to lose weight, so I’ve leveraged my experience with the Alka·Slim® Challenge to design a plan for you to not only survive this holiday season, but to thrive in it!

Think about this: If you only gain 5 lbs. per year, over the course of 5 years you’ve put on 25 extra pounds! It’s so much harder to lose 25 lbs. than to gain it, I assure you! And, yes the season for overeating is here right now!

So, let’s start to figure out the best plan for you to tackle this holiday stress/eating dilemma. The first step is acknowledging your desire to take back your body, and the next step is learning to thrive rather than simply survive. Chances are you’ve been in survival mode, and seriously, how has that been working out so far? By definition, thriving is to prosper, flourish, or succeed. Do you hope for that? I certainly do! I choose to be the best I can be at every turn. Yes, thriving is fine by me and as I often say (with broken and just bad English accent) “It would be rude not to!”

Start by simply answering these questions to yourself: When you look in the mirror, how do you feel? Then, if you were to simply write down the benefits of taking your body back, how would you feel? Are you too heavy, too skinny, too tired, lethargic? What is your biggest stress over the holidays? What leads you to making poor eating choices? You get to pick how you answer these questions and how you feel. It’s as simple as that. How you feel is a choice you make every day.

My forte’ and our commitment from Morter HealthSystem, is to help you focus on principles and technology to shift your pattern for the BEST…to shift the pattern from survive to thrive. And, in order to make any lasting shift in your deeply-entrenched pattern (S.E.M.O), there are very specific steps you must take in a very specific order. Once we dial this in, you’ll be embracing a totally new you. Later, I’ll dig in much deeper about what the next Alka·Slim® Challenge, coming in January, will involve. But for now, let’s figure out how to build a solid foundation to propel you into the Thrive Mode!

I am introducing an all-new Challenge to Thrive program, which is completely designed to help you thrive rather than to just survive the holiday season. Imagine if you could actually begin to feel better without focusing on weight loss, but rather focusing in 4 vital areas – Eat & Drink to Thrive, Move to Thrive, Function to Thrive and Think to Thrive.

Eat & Drink to Thrive

To thrive in the wake of all that wonderful food, I’ll focus on portion size, smart choices for what to eat and drink, and planning for the dessert! Honestly, after cooking all day, I’m nearly full from the energy of the food preparation. I remember my grandmother always professing she was completely full after a day in her kitchen. Now I understand what she meant. So when I make up my plate, I’ll stop and decide whether I’m hungry at all and of course, I’ll go for it. And, I’ll make my selections based on present time consciousness…what I really feel like eating, within reason. I’ll pick some kale salad, green beans, turkey, lightly sweetened cranberry sauce, and yes, mashed potatoes or maybe mashed cauliflower instead. Hmmmmm. And, this year, I’ll eat less turkey to limit the tryptophan effect, which always combines with the sugar in dessert to put me down on the couch within 30 minutes. Nope, not this year! Because, I’ve taken my body back! Heck, I might even carry on a conversation after dinner and watch all of the football game because I’ll be in charge. Just like you, we’re sooooo worth it!

Move to Thrive

Plan to get outside and go for a walk or some type of exercise before you eat. Although it won’t come close to counteracting the amount of calories you’ll take in that day, it does help you make better choices. This from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition citing a 2004 study in which people made more low-calorie choices when they had just exercised for 60 minutes. It’s about being in charge and setting yourself up to win. I know because this is my life, too! And, when exercising outside I feel more relaxed and know I am releasing vital hormones, which will reduce inflammation, increase my healthy gut, and move me toward my healthy goals. And, you don’t even have to ask your doctor if getting outside and going for a walk is good for you…it is!

Function to Thrive

So, where do we start? You guessed it…with the gut. Your gut needs to be super-charged with flora and largely-overlooked enzymes. Once we get things “moving along,” (pun intended) there is the potential for much better absorption and energy. Seriously, Dr. Morter knew this, and that is why we developed these specific products…to thrive! There are 4 things you’ll need to maximize your body’s inherent ability to thrive. Once you begin to thrive, you will feel much better, eat much less, and a side effect will be some weight loss as a bonus… but, that’s not the focus of Challenge to Thrive.

  1. An active gut for maximum absorption
  2. Enzymes to break down the food for absorption rather than fat storage
  3. Pro-biotic for better absorption
  4. Trace Mineral 14 for that extra “energetic support”

The next step will be to establish an active gut flora. Yes, you might need a gut cleanse, but this is an easy way to start the entire healthy-gut process right away. We’ll focus again on a cleanse in January during the Alka·Slim® Challenge. It takes several weeks/months to accomplish this task and there is a reason for this approach. Our clinical research has shown that the re-vitalization process must be more gradual to allow for the bowel to reactivate from the toxic sludge, which has accumulated and now needs to be removed. Think of stripping off old and hardened paint from a piece of furniture. The layers come off one or two at a time. This is the best way to clean the paint or gunk without damaging the surface. The same holds true for your gut. Less is more in this case. Just give this a try; you’ll be glad you did.

Within the first day or two, your gut starts to reactivate and wake up. Simultaneously, we’ll put some enzymes with your food intake so you can better break down the starches, proteins, and fat. This is paramount, because unless these foods are adequately digested they tend to be stored in your personal storage department…fat. This is an unhealthy process and certainly not in the “thriving handbook.” Alka·Pan® and SuperDigest® are a must to break down the foods you are consuming and to maximize your nutritional uptake, which provides much more energy.

Again, wake up the gut and add some enzymes in with your meals.

A crucial part of this process is adding the pro-biotics…Alkadolphilus® to the rescue! By adding billions of organisms to the digestive track, and reducing the amount of sugar within reason, your gut has the capacity to bounce back and rev up. This is part of how you Engineer the Quantum… more on that later.

In addition, you can benefit from increased energy with Trace Energy 14 and a vegetarian multi-vitamin, Super V®. When combined with the above program, the efficiency of digestion and absorption multiplies. We’ve seen this process work clinically for over 40 years.

And, the last ingredient, from your Challenge to Thrive, is the Alka·Omega® piece of the puzzle. Yes, without the necessary Omegas in your daily plan, you may be experiencing fatigue, circulation issues and/or skin challenges, just to name a few. Remember, this is about thriving and Omegas are critical to maximize your experience.

Dr. Morter designed these products, and they remain at the front of the model for nutritional excellence and overall gut health. The benefits of a healthy gut are beyond reproach; and to this end, we’ve designed a Challenge to Thrive Pack, which will help you along your journey to feeling great and thriving in the holiday environment.

Think to Thrive

This is a Mental Game. Rather than making sugary choices and high fat food, why not simply ease back away from them and get your system revved up as an efficient fuel-burning machine. Yes, work to avoid processed sugars, but do not skip meals this holiday. Nope, skipping meals is a great way to pack on pounds. This style of “not eating” triggers alarms to your body to get ready for the long cold winter. Studies have supported this for decades in that you must maintain blood sugar levels to maintain any chance at appetite control. And even on the actual celebration day, do not skip a meal… ever. It shuts down your metabolism and stores fat in the belly and hips. You know it when you get too hungry and then overdo it with ravenous binge eating. Eat three meals during the day and do not snack in between the meals if possible. I like to plan out my meals in advance so I’m in charge of what will happen that day. And, should you be tied emotionally to a particular food item, go ahead and enjoy it in moderation. I love my mother’s spiced apple sauce cake with a whisky sauce; and by gosh, I’ll have some! I’ll just have a small piece. I might even skip some other starchy food to have more of the cake. It’s totally about choices, and I’m in charge! And, going back for seconds? I’ll use a smaller plate and go back for seconds, if I feel so inclined. We’ve got this! We’ll also be addressing stress, because this is a mental game and we have to learn to recognize the triggers.

Look in the mirror and be honest. Are you happy with what you see? Turn to the side; raise your arms; stick out your belly as hard as you can, and now suck in in and hold it. Do you like what you see? Would you like to see and feel something totally different?

Start thinking about what could be different next year. What would you like to look like, feel like, and be? What would you like to be able to do, which you can’t do now? Would you play with the kids or grandkids more? Would you go for a walk every day with your loved one? Would you be more active? Can you imagine staying awake through an evening of television without passing out on the couch?

What would be the benefit of taking action to shift your current pattern? Make a list of 5 things that would be benefits to taking charge of your body. Write them down. Do not read on until you take this step…really!

Why should you join this Challenge? Couldn’t you do it by yourself?

Sure you could. But why would you try this alone again?

This foundation making experience, and then leveraging those results with the Alka·Slim® Challenge is the game-changing recipe for your success. These next 8 weeks are the foundation for you to take back your body…to be in charge of your life. And, I’ll be right there alongside you with a weekly coaching program of emails, videos and tele-training. I’ll also post to a private group on Facebook, offering encouragement, programs for success, and tips to thrive.

Coaching is the key to your success, and I truly want you to succeed with this and with your life. In fact, I feel so strongly about this, I’m going to coach this program for 8 weeks for FREE. So, stop procrastinating and take advantage of this special pricing, the professional coaching, and a path to take back your body and to take back your life.

Make the decision to take charge.

Thrive this holiday season, without gaining weight, with the Challenge to Thrive Pack

Prepare your body to become a weight loss machine.

Join this Challenge to Thrive program to enjoy your best holiday season ever, AND get yourself ready for your BEST YEAR EVER!

Challenge to Thrive Pack

(Covers the 8 week Challenge)

Note: Weight loss may occur as your energy increases…dang!

  • 2 bottles of Alka·Pan® – You’ll take 1 tablet with small meals and up to 3 with larger meals for a total of 5/day.
  • 2 bottles of SuperDigest® – You’ll take 1 tablet per meal (3 per day).
  • 2 bottles of Trace Energy 14 – You’ll take 1 dropper-full per day.
  • 1 bottle of Alkadophilus® – You’ll take 1 capsule per day.
  • 1 bottle of Super V® – You’ll take 1 tablet per day.
  • 1 bottle of Alka·Omega® – You’ll take 1-2 capsules per day.

The retail price for these products is over $215 plus S/H.

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