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Make Changes; Take Charge!

Make Changes; Take Charge!

We humans have been around for an exceptionally long time, and our bodies are designed to build immunity to everything the world has thrown at us because they were designed to survive. They weren’t necessarily designed to be healthy, and they weren’t necessarily designed to be sick. The healthy or sick part of the equation is based on choices.   

When you make poor choices concerning your health, your resistance is lowered, and sickness will undoubtedly invade your system. Poor choices promote an internal environment, which allows for lowered resistance and lowered immune response. Stress, whether nutritional or emotional, increases Cortisol, which causes inflammation and lowers resistance, leading to sickness. It is always in this order (excluding physical trauma.) Again, poor choices, coupled with stress in our lives, lead to sickness and disease.

Here is how the design unfolds. We are subjected to antigens, which in turn cause a response by the body to fight off the antigen. Your body will adapt and fight a bacterium, virus, or even a drug. Even your brain is designed to adapt and minimize the effects of drugs over a period. However, when you continually stress your body and your brain, you set yourself up for sickness by lowering your resistance and thus increasing your vulnerability to disease. So, what can you do to protect yourself?

First, you must take responsibility for your decisions based on discernment of “facts” thrown at you daily. And here’s why discernment is necessary. If you research anything concerning health, you can find a study to support your wants and desires. There are studies to support drinking more red wine or beer, eating refined sugar, eating more dairy and meat, or even that your health is not about what you eat or drink at all. It depends on the way the “research “is funded that skews the outcome. Instead, let’s look at the design of your body for the answers.  

Since the gut is responsible for most of your immune response, learning more about ways to enhance gut performance is important. Learn how to cleanse the gut lining and how to build the good bacteria necessary for great gut health. This is how you build immunity to everything, including a virus.

We recommend a gut cleanse with a gradual timeline of 30 days (see our AlkaClease® product) so as not to stress the protective mechanisms your body has put in place to protect the delicate intestinal lining from irritation.

If you are eating excessive protein, which is irritating your intestinal lining, your body will place mucus there to protect the lining. If it did not, you would develop long-term irritation and ulcers on the tissue. Be aware that if you strip this protective lining away but do not change your choices, you could worsen the problem. And, the most important change to make is to increase the fruits and vegetables while reducing the meats and grains.

Go slowly with the cleanse and watch the results unfold. As the gut is being cleansed, you might add digestive enzymes – Alka Pan® and SuperDigest® to facilitate better digestion and absorption of the foods you are now consuming.