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My stomach is feeling strange, my head a bit light, and I just don’t feel up to speed.

Gut Brain Axis connection and stomach upset or issues

My stomach is feeling strange, my head a bit light, and I just don’t feel up to speed.

The relationship between the brain and the gut, the Gut Brain Axis, is a marvelous balance of stress, digestion, and immunity. We experience stressful situations daily, and it ultimately takes its toll. The gut’s overall health is probably the most critical issue we deal with in active practice.

The Gut Brain Axis is a two-way street, sending and receiving information and stimulation from both the brain and the gut. Its response is quick and automatic when we’re upset about something happening. When the stimulus comes from a stored brain pattern – a Subconscious Emotional Memory Override (S.E.M.O.) – the same response occurs; it’s automatic but more insidious. It’s like it sneaks up on us and grabs us…in the gut!

B.E.S.T. is geared to address these stresses and update memory patterns associated with the body’s relationship to stress. Real or imagined, the body’s response through the Gut Brain Axis is automatic and predictable. We adapt to stress by changing activity in the gut, or we adjust our thinking to respond to the stress from the gut. It can be a win/win or (as it often becomes) a lose/lose response manifesting in worry, fear, upset stomach, constipation, loose stool, or anxiety. And this pattern is not only predictable, but it’s also “updateable.” It can be repurposed, replaced, and updated to reflect current needs rather than previous experiences.

We can update a Gut Brain Axis pattern with the power of B.E.S.T. The way this happens depends on the direction of the nerve impulses. If the impulses are brain initiated from a thought or memory pattern, Supine B.E.S.T. (or Emotional B.E.S.T.) is paramount for an “update .” If the challenge is gut initiated, digestion or immune response may be the key. Armed with the keys to success, including B.E.S.T., Alkadolphilis®, Super Digest®, Alka Pan®, and Morter Trace Minerals, we can fortify the system from the top down and the bottom up.