Watch Out For That Fear!

It happens almost every time I go out to the store . . . fear. Not on my part, but with almost everyone I encounter. Here’s what I see and maybe you do, too, if you pay attention. I’m walking down the aisle or even at the end of the aisle when someone looks up […]

We Are Giving Away The Morter March To Change The World! Please Join Us

We are about to do something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time. We strongly believe that Morter March can change the world. It can help people align their brain and body with their intentions to create their best possible outcomes. We feel it can be beneficial in healing, stress reduction, focus, and […]

Stress, Superfoods and Adaptogens

Stress is seemingly everywhere. From the pressure of job security and the uncertainty of healthcare to family and financial burdens, stress is almost unavoidable. Stress can make you short-tempered, unhappy, tired, and fatigued. Stress causes muscle tension and fatigue, increases cortisol production and inflammation, constricts blood vessels, and raises blood pressure. There are many proven […]

It’s Epigenetics!

Is it possible we experience things in the same way our parents and their parents did? And, is it possible the decisions we make every day are the result of the same decisions our parents made?  Sounds absurd . . . or does it?  Current research supports this notion with the explanation rooted in the […]

What’s the Scoop on Flavonoids?

I recently was asked the question about supplementation for specific conditions and the topic of Flavonoids surfaced. I began to research what sources are healthy and what sources might be toxic for the body. From the medical side, I found an interesting article I’d like to share. reports that some flavonoids may promote the […]